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In Spain there are two types of divorce proceedings and express marital separation:


The express divorce by mutual consent: It consists in making a friendly regulatory agreement signed by both parts, and ratified in court. Both spouses share lawyer and solicitor which  reduces costs. There is no trial so the process is simpler. Resolution time is about a month (depending on the court to which the case is assigned).


In our office the cost of express divorce or separation is 120 euro per spouse (240 total price) when there are no minor children or property settlement.  If there are children under age or community property settlement, price is  of 150 euro per spouse (300 total price). In summary, the uncontested divorce is cheaper, faster and peaceful, which is especially important when there are children within the marriage.


The divorce express with contentious marital separation:  The applicant makes the claim, then the defendant responses to the demand, afterwards there is a trial, where the positions of both spouses are confronted. In Spain the legal term for judgment is 20 business days (one month).


It is more expensive, time consuming and troublesome than by mutual consent. Both parts need to hire and pay  an independent lawyer and solicitor. The total cost of litigation in our office is 600 euro (including  lawyer, solicitor .. etc.. everything included), and the term is between 6 and 9 months (depending on the particular court and case).


When there are children under age  or disabled, the  Public Prosecution Service will intervene. In cases where a winding up is taking place, it is convenient to include it in the divorce, since in the notary the cost would be  higher(depending on the case, about 3,000 euro).


Since 2005 in Spain it is no longer necessary to plead the cause of the breakdown of the marriage, and you can choose either separation or divorce (court proceedings are the same). The separation  the temporarily paralyzes  marriage (separation can be maintained,  or it can be driven to a reconciliation or divorce). With the divorce process the marriage is disolved definitely (and the parties can  marry again).


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  1. Hi,I got divorced at the office of a notary(non contentious).There were the divorce papers to sign,and also docs for the transfer of title of our apartment to my name only.It is now nearly 3 months since this was done and I still have not received the registered docs.How long should it take for a notary to register a divorce,and register the apartment in my name?I did not expect to be waiting 3 months and still not have the registered docs in my hand.

    1. Good afternoon:
      You should consult the lawyer or Notary directly.
      When it comes to divorce, you must have delivered a copy of the deed, if you do not have one, you can request it. The inscription of the divorce in Spain is not made by telematic means but the order of inscription by the Notary is sent to the Civil Registry, being the Civil Registry which must realize the corresponding inscription. The usual term is 15 days or a month. To confirm that the divorce is correctly registered or not, it is best to request a literal certificate of marriage, in which the divorce must be registered.
      With regard to property, the fact that you have signed it does not mean that you are registered, you have to pay the taxes in your case and make the arrangements, you should check if the Notary is taking care of it. In case you want to check it directly you can ask the Land Registry for a Simple Note.
      All the information indicated is for the case that the express divorce by mutual agreement has been managed in Spain.
      A greeting:

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